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Arkansas Knit and Crochet Club

For fellow knitters and Crocheters in the Arkansas Area

For fellow knitters and crocheters in Arkansas
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Hello my name is Kassi Kennedy. I recently moved from Fayetteville, AR to Conway, AR. I have created this community because I'd like to start a knitting/crocheting club in my area (central Arkansas) and also provide the ability for other Arkansans to organize knitting clubs/meetings in their area as well. This community can be used for so many things: trading patterns, making "orders" from vetran knitters, giving advice, and providing a place for fellow knitters to make more friends. Lets just see how it builds on itself as it grows.

Recommended yarn stores in Arkansas: Click here to view the google map. If you don't see your favorite store on here or would like to recommend a yarn store in Arkansas, comment here.

Volunteer/knitting or crochet donations in Arkansas
Knitting for noggins for the Children's hospital
A list of where you can knit for charity outside of Arkansas

If you'd like, Introduce yourself by copy and pasting this into a post and filling it out:

Current knitting/crochet level:
Current crafty project:

Helpful sites for knitters/Crocheters:

Learn to knit and crochet (basics plus project ideas)
Knitting Geek
Knitting at Knoon (includes patterns and videos)
Knitting help
Maggie's Rags (free knit patterns)
Socks 101 pattern for knit
Free Crochet Patterns
Free Knitting Patterns
Over 100 Free Craft Patterns, Tips and Ideas for Knit and Crochet
Knitting on the net
Crafttown free knitting patterns
Crafttown free crochet patterns
Simple beginner patterns for knitters and crocheters

Other communities that may be of interest:

addme_ar - This community is for fellow Arkansans to meet via Livejournal