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If anyone here knows any information that might be of help to this person who contacted me, send her an email. :)


My name is Lynda O'Rourke. I am a member of Soldiers Angels. We are a nonprofit all volunteer military support group.

I am writing to ask if you know of any knitting/crochet or quilting groups that are willing to donate twin size blankets for our veterans. Our goal right now is to supply the Lyons VA with blankets for their Vets, also to provide some blankets for our soldiers at Walter Reed. We are trying to give them something individualized that feels a little "homey" during the holidays. What a better way than to provide some warmth and comfort.
If you can help we would truly appreciate it, or if you know of any organizations that would be willing to help, Please let me know. My e-mail is Catkeepr@aol.com. Please put Soldiers Angels in the subject line.

Thank You again.

Lynda O'Rourke

Oct. 5th, 2008

Well, things are quiet around here, so how about some FOs? I've done two small projects this week that I'm quite pleased with.

I started a hat on Monday night, and I've worn it four times this week. Desert roseCollapse )

My other project was something I'd been interested in trying for a while, now. WiredCollapse )

Pre-existing knitting clubs in Arkansas

Existing Knitting groups in Arkansas:

Holiday Island, AR (near the missouri border) has several knitting groups.

In Maumelle, AR there is a knitting club with this description: We meet the second Tuesday and the fourth Thursday of every month, from 6:30-7PM until around 8:30PM, at the Maumelle Public Library meeting room. I'd suggest if you decide to go to the meeting, go a head and call the Maumelle Public Library in advance to confirm dates/times.

The Yarn Dolls knitting club is definitely active in Little Rock, but the site doesn't say the dates or times or place of the meetings. I have not found the user's contact information, so I'd say your best bet to get in on this group is to check the blog out for the announcement of the next time/place for the meetings.

Stitch N Bitch Fort Smith at Sweet Bay Coffee club - Thursday night 5:30PM - around 8PM. We're usually in the study room through the french doors near the counter.

Russellville Knit/Crochet Club - There is a new Knit/Crochet club in Russellville that meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 2-4pm at the original C.J.'s Burgers on Knoxville near the Fairgrounds. There are NO fees, just bring your own project and join in the fun! We do encourage knitting or crocheting for charity, so if you want to bring in your projects, please do! The club is called "Threads Of Hope".

And in Conway, Arkansas - I'm putting together a good schedule for a knitting night either in my home or in a public place (such as the Library, or Something Brewing, or Starbucks, for a routine knitting club).

If you know of any additional knitting/chrochet groups in Arkansas, post a comment here and I'll add it to the list : ).

Pac-Man Fever

Here are a couple of patterns for your next yarn project if you really love Pac-man.

Pac-Man Scarf

Crocheted Pac-man and Ghosts

I'm thinking of making the crocheted stuffed animals, partly because I think they're neat and partly because I only know how to crochet (badly).

Hi all!

Hi everyone :)  I am a 27 year old woman, currently live in Russellville and was thrilled to find a community of Central Arkansas knitters and crocheters!  I honestly don't know a single person who crochets around here besides me.   I have only recently picked up the hobby and fell in love with it.  So far I have made 5 afghans and one scarf.  I'm currently working on a rather large afghan for my 6'3" husband.  I was wondering if anyone knows of any charities here in Arkansas that could use crochet blankets and such.  I have been looking online and found several in other states, but none around here.  Would love to hear back!  Thanks!

Aug. 1st, 2007

Just showing off a toddler blanket I made with Pear's yarn in "daycare" (yarny_bits). The two solid colors that I added to it were bought from the store. I used three skeins of daycare, and 1/2 a skien of each of the solid colors. I had some daycare left over, so I might just make a hat out of all of the colors I used or make a pillow. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Picture1 (folded up)
Picture2 (spread out, with our cat on it)

Our family cat LOVES pear's yarn nearly as much as I do!

Anyway, as always I was more than pleased with how my project turned out and also with the colors. I can't wait for my daughter to start using it. : )
If you haven't yet, you might want to check out yarnybits. She has some beautiful colorways for sale and right now she's having a sale on baby clothes (clicky)!


Name: Angelina (or Angie)
Age: 30.9999 (will be 31 this month)
Location: Little Rock, AR
Current knitting/crochet level: beginner... (after THREE YEARS!)
Current crafty project: emerald green scarf for son, somewhat lopsided.

I'm averaging a project a year (haha) so the only two completed projects I have are a scarf for other son (red/white/blue) and a fuzzy hat for niece (blue fancy fur). My biggest issue is I don't know anyone who knits so I can get advice/help... I've just learned from a book from a "Teach yourself to knit" kit I bought. (Anyone have advice on teaching a preteen to knit/crochet - I have two who want to learn.)
I was wondering if the people in the Conway area (or anywhere if you're willing to make the trip) would like to start planning a club meetup in person, starting in mid July? I think so that everyone feels comfortable, it should be in a public place in Conway, but if comfortability isn't an issue, our house is always open to such gatherings and we have plenty of room for it. As for times, just about any time is good for me, but what's best for me is the evenings after 5:30 PM. While all the members here are welcome to come, I'd also suggest if we end up doing this, go a head and bring a friend, too especially if they don't have an lj or even a friend who can't knit/crochet but wants to learn. I know I have a long-term friend who's interested in learning if we ever start having meetings and she's also new to Conway as of two months ago. Any suggestions or input on if you'd like to start an IRL knit-club meetup?


Knitting icons

There are some REALLY awesome knitting icons here: knitting icons.



I am a knitter from Russellville, but am about to be moving to hot springs in a few weeks. I am 27 love to knit, I consider myself intermediate / early advanced knitter. I have several baby projects going on right now. None of them near completetion. I can't wait to see what everybody here is doing.


Name: Olivia
Age: 20
Location: Jonesboro
Current knitting/crochet level: Just a little beyond beginner
Current crafty project: Baby booties using a pattern I found in Kiwi magazine.

I just wanted to say hello, I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and I am trying my hardest to make my little girl some cute, but easy booties. My favorite place to purchase yarn is The Knitting Studio in Memphis, I love the alpaca/linen blend!

Pillows I made

Here are two pillows that I've completed in the past week.

Follow the link to see them in my knitties gallery.

The first one I knitted and then crocheted around it. The second one is entirely crochet. I have a third one on the way, too. Just ran out of yarn which is why I haven't made it yet. Of course they will all three end up matching the baby's nursery.

X-posted from personal journal


Here's a community that some of you might be interested in. homespunhelpers. It's currently an LJ spotlight that I saw on the front page today. Help craft 3000 handmade items to donate to charity.


Afghan question

I'm using the word Afghan to refer to a blanket made with knitted or crochet squares. First, is this the right work for this kind of blanket?

Second, the real question. Has anyone made an afghan? If so, what's the "cleanest" way to attatch squares together. I can think of several ways to attatch them together: sew them together with a machine, crochet them, sew together with a yarn needle.

Just wondering what the community thought. I'd like to make an afghan eventually once I have enough squares.


Something I made

A crochet dress that I made for my little oneCollapse )

Currently on the needles: A throw
Currently on the hooks: A pillow case

Knitting/Crochet for charity

Here's a site that lists places that accept knitted and crocheted items for charity.

Looks like a lot of good causes. I didn't check out the rest of the site, but looks like there's some other good content there, too. Added the link to the user info page. Enjoy! : )


Name: Paige
Age: 21
Location: Conway, AR
Current knitting/crochet level: eh, decent.  I have been knitting for a couple of years now.  I'm a  busy girl so I don't get a lot of knitting done.  Most of what I do ends up as what I like to call 'comfort knitting' which basically just keeps my hands busy!  Oh, but I have no idea how to crochet...
Current crafty project: uhm, exams?  I'm a pre-med student!  Actually, what I'm usually doing is knitting hats.  Children's Hospital in Little Rock has a neat little program called Knitting for Noggins.  They collect handmade hats and distribute them to the kids (and parents, too!) when it is cold outside.

Anyway, that is my introduction!  I'd love to meet anyone in or around Conway!

Apr. 17th, 2007

Name: Greg
Age: 23
Location: Conway, AR
Current knitting/crochet level: Kassi taught me how to crochet about an hour ago.
Current crafty project: One scarf made from mismatching colors.

Apr. 17th, 2007

Name: Leslie

Age: 23

Location: Conway, AR

Current knitting/crochet level: Er...I've no idea. Intermediate? I'm pretty competent, but I tend to do a lot of very simple projects because a)I usually watch tv while I'm knitting/crocheting and b)I have the attention span of a gnat.

Current crafty project: On the needles at the moment, I've got a beanie, a sock, a blanket, and Under The Hoodie from Stitch 'n Bitch. On the hooks, I've got a teddy bear and a finger puppet, and I'm thinking of starting a new doily. I've also gotten into making stitch markers lately. And I've got some wool that I need to finish spinning. (Attention span of a gnat, seriously.)

So...yeah. Hi.

Knitting and crochet sites

User info page and sidebar updated with helpful knitting/crochet links. Enjoy! : )


Google Map

I have created a google map for our community where members can view recommended yarn stores in and around the Arkansas Area. The link to the google map can be found on the user info page or here (clicky).

If you have a favorite yarn store in the Arkansas area, leave a comment with the name and address of the place you'd like to add and I'll add it to the map (unfortunately right now google maps only allows one person to maintain the map).


Name: Ella

Age: 27

Location: Benton, AR

Current knitting/crochet level: Pretty handy with a crochet hook. I am working on mastering the stiches from the "Readers Digest: Complete guide to Needlework"

Knitting... I have never tried it.

Current crafty project: A baby afgan for a lady I work with.
Name: Jessica Perkins

Age: 19

Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA. I lived in Siloam Springs, AR for a good 15 years before moving to Fayetteville, then up north. I visit Arkansas a lot (or at least I wish I could).

Current knitting/crochet level: Very handy with a crochet needle. I can turn out a katamari hat or a doilie pretty fast. Knitting I enjoy more and the projects look nicer, but I'm just now learning how to knit a sock. I'm working on learning general techniques like turning heels, kitchener stitches, etc.

Current crafty project: A little blanky. I'm about 3/4 of the way done and will post a picture if I ever get it blocked and finished.

Hi! Thanks For The Invitation

Name: Elizabeth Taylor (really)

Age: 34

Location: Fort Smith, AR

Current knitting/crochet level: I don't believe in that levels stuff. I've seen people make socks or sweaters with "advanced" colorwork as a first project. You can do whatever you want. That said, I've been knitting for 4-ish years, spinning for around 2, and I learned to crochet almost 30 years ago, but I'm a little rusty with that.

Current crafty project: I'm opening a yarn and fiber store in Fort Smith. ( http://www.stringtownyarn.com/ ) We'll have knitting, crochet, spinning, and needle felting supplies to start with...maybe some weaving stuff later on. Besides that, I have so many UFO's it'd take all day to list them. The main ones I work on lately are swatches and a sample sweater I have going for the shop.


Name: Kassi
Age: 26
Location: Conway, AR
Current knitting/crochet level: beginner knitter, veteran Crocheter, quick learner
Current crafty project: crochet dress for baby girl

Continental knitting demo

Just testing out my first post to the community.

This is a Continental knitting demo for anyone interested in either learning to knit or adding a different (more effecient and also easier on arthritist sufferers) knitting style to your "bag of knitting tricks". : )


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